Have a look at what we’ve been doing recently in our Reading lessons.


Have a look at what we have been writing about in the classroom.


Numbers, addition, shapes… let’s find out what we’ve been doing in Mathematics!


Once a week we get to visit our specialist teachers. See what has been happening in Art, Creative Arts, PE and the Library!

Around the School

We are always doing fun and exciting things around the school. Click here to check it out.

News and Notes

Keep up to date with important news and upcoming events.

Parent Teacher Interviews

You should have all received a Parent Teacher Interview note in your child’s blue satchel last week, but if not here are the details for how to book an appointment:


Once logged in you in you will see your children on the page.  From there you can simply click the ‘Book Parent Teacher Interview‘ button underneath each child.

If you are unsure about any processes using Compass please feel free to attend free ten-minute tutorial sessions in the staff room (front office entry) at 9:05am and 3:00pm every day.  Just bring along your login details and we can help you to get up and running!

A Visit From Ditto

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Ditto.  Ditto is from Bravehearts and he teaches us all about being safe, and what it means to have yes feelings and no feelings.


He also taught us that it is okay to say “Stop!” to someone if they are doing something that makes us feel unsure or unsafe.


After our visit from Ditto we all thought of 5 people that we can trust if we ever need to run and tell an adult something important.

Thanks for visiting, Ditto!

Making Shapes

This week at school we have started a unit on Shapes.

We are learning all about two dimensional shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles and circles.

During investigations this morning we decided to make some shapes using cardboard and wool.  It was a great chance for us to practice our ‘fine motor skills’, something which we are constantly developing in JKS. Once the shapes were made Miss Sutherland hung them up, and they look awesome!


To make the shapes we wrapped wool around and around the pieces of cardboard.


We kept wrapping until you couldn’t see the cardboard anymore.

DSC_0509 DSC_0511

Now that we’ve got the hang of squares and rectangles we’re going to have a go at some trickier shapes like triangles and circles!

Blue Satchels

At the beginning of the year each child is given a blue satchel.


This satchel has a few different jobs:

  1. All books that your child brings home must be transported inside the satchel (library books can be transported in a separate library bag)
  2. Any notes or other communication between teachers and parents will be kept inside the satchel. Please check inside each night to see if there is anything important inside.
  3. Any work students are bringing home will go inside satchels.
  4. The blue satchel must come to school every morning and go home every night.

Please encourage your child to become responsible when it comes to their blue satchel. They should be in charge of making sure the correct things go in and out of their satchel, and it should be their job to remember to bring it to school and take it home every day.

We Read Every Morning in JKS!

Every morning in JKS at 8:45am we love to sit and read.  It helps us get ready for a day of learning and it’s a lovely way to start the day.  Reading in the morning is even better when we have lots of parents to read to!  If you are available any morning please come in and read with us.  The note below has some suggestions for when you come in to help with reading.

Thank you in advance for your wonderful help!


Morning Reading

Healthy Snacks!

Here are some healthy eaters from JKS! It’s great to see so many kids having healthy and delicious snacks for recess.

DSC_0434 DSC_0433

Fruit is so good for you and gives you lots of energy through the day! Keep up the great work.

Our First Week of School

It’s been an excellent first week of school in JKS!  We’ve had a great time exploring our classroom and getting to know our classmates.  We’ve already made some wonderful friends!  Here are some photos of our first week at Bourchier Street Primary School.

DSC_0328 DSC_0333 DSC_0341 DSC_0339DSC_0342 DSC_0343

Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to the JKS class blog! Here you can come to read all about what we are doing in JKS, as well as see photos of events JKS is involved in within our school.

Parents of students are encouraged to visit the blog and comment on any posts, but for privacy reasons we ask that no surnames are used. This means that you should only refer to students from our class by their first name, and if you wish you leave a comment please refer to yourself only as the student’s Mother/Father.

Eg. From ‘Tom’s Mum‘ rather than ‘Mrs. Smith’, ‘Sarah Smith’ etc.

JKS thanks you for your cooperation and we hope you come back and visit again soon!


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